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born august 9th, 1974 in Chamonix,
french nationality

Qu'est ce qu'une âme ? Il est facile de la définir
négativement: c'est très exactement cela en nous
qui se rétracte quand nous entendons parler
de séries algébriques.

Robert Musil,
                     L'homme sans qualités


  • 2009         Habilitation à diriger les recherches, université de Haute-Alsace.
  • 1998-01   Ph.D. mathematical physics, CPT Marseille.
  • 1997-98   postgraduate diploma mathematical physics, CPT Marseille.
  • 1993-97   undergaduate studies of physics, université Lyon 1 and ENS Lyon.
  • 1992-95   undergaduate studies of philosophy, université Lyon 3.
  • 1992-93   classe préparatoire litterature and philosophy, lycée du Parc, Lyon.
  • 1991-92   baccalauréat maths and physics.

Research experience

invited stays

  • dec 2010 - mar 11    LPT Orsay, université Paris-Sud 11.
  • jul  2007                   MPIM Bonn.
  • oct 2003               Perimeter Institute for theoretical physics, Waterloo Canada.
  • sep 2002 - apr 03    université Mohammed 1, Oujda Morocco (fundings from AUF).

Teaching experience

  • 2016       meccanica analitica, università di Genova; modelli, università di Trieste.
  • 2015       assistant professor: general relativity for mathematicians, università di Trieste.
  • 2012       assistant professor: statistics for biology, università di Roma Tor Vergata.
  • 2007-09  assistant professor: quantum mechanics, thermodynamics & statistical physics, Universität Göttingen.
  • 2009       advanced lectures: noncommutative geometry and application to particle physics, Universität Göttingen.
  • 2006-08  advanced course: introduzione alla geometria noncommutativa, università Sapienza Roma.
  • 2004-06  assistant professor: descriptive geometry, école d'architecture of Marseille.
  • 2004       advanced course: introduction à la géométrie non commutative, université d'Oujda, Morocco.
  • 2001-02  assistant professor: mechanics, fortran, C++, supervision of undergraduate research projects,                                université de Provence.
  • 1998-01  teaching assistant: special relativity, quantum mechanics and calculus, université de Provence.


  • 2012-15  co-supervision with F. Lizzi , Napoli "Federico II", of one Ph.D student.
  • 2006-10  co-supervision with G. Amelino-Camelia, Roma Sapienza, of one Ph.D and two master thesis students.
  • 2001-02  three bachelor thesis (université de Provence) on black holes, gamma ray burst, gravitational lensing.

and responsabilities

Member of the Ph.D committee of     

  • E. Cagnache, june 2012, université Paris-11 Sud, Orsay (also referee);
  • N. Franco, july 2011, université Notre Dame de Namur, Belgique.

Co-organizer of

  • Computers: Mathematica, Maple, C++, fortan-90 & 77, creation of personnal websites.
  • Languages: french, english, italian (fluent), good notions of german and portuguese.



Quantum length, quantum geodesics,
   Marcel Grossman meeting, Roma july 2015.

The standard model in noncommutative geometry after the discovery of the Higgs, and beyond,
   Quantum Gravity meeting, Roma july 2015.

Twisted spectral triple and spontaneous symmetry breaking of the grand symmetry,

Marcel Grossman meeting, Roma july 2015;
   Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft Fr
ühjarstagun, Berlin march 2015;
   Workshop ``New trends in algebraic qft'', INFN-Frascati february 2015;

Arbre de Noël du GDR “géométrie non-commutative”, Besançon december 2014; 
   DICE 2014, Castiglioncello, september 2014.

Spectral geometry with a cut-off,
   Frontiers of fundamental physics, Marseille july 2014;
   1st italo-spanish meeting of mathematics, Bilbao july 2014;

   Arbre de Noël du GDR “géométrie non-commutative”, Caen december 2013.

Grand symmetry, spectral action, and the Higgs mass,
Algebraic quantum field theory: its status and its future, ESI Wien may 2014
    Arbre de Noël du GDR "géométrie non-commutative”, Caen december 2013;
    Workshop noncommutative field theory and gravity, Corfou september 2013.

Pythagoras theorem in noncommutative geometry,
Quantum Geometry and Matter, SISSA Trieste, april 2013.

Monge-Kantorovich metric in noncommutative geometry,
QP 33, CIRM Luminy, october 2012 [slides];   
Intl. conference for the Centenary of Kantorovich optimal, St. Petersburg, june 2012.

Metric aspect of quantum space: minimal length, Pythagoras theorem, Higgs field,
Workshop on new trends in algebraic quantum field theory, Frascati, september 2012.

Gauge fluctuation in Noncommutative Geometry and Carnot-Carathéodory distance,
   ERC Workshop on Geometric Analysis and sub-Riemannian and Metric Spaces,  Pisa october 2011.

Noncommutative Geometry with applications to quantum physics,
    2nd Winter Workshop on Non Perturbative Quantum Field Theory,  INLN,  Nice october 2011.

Minimal length in quantum space and integrations of the line element in noncommutative geometry,

   Easter quantum gravity workshop, Roma 04/2012;
   Planckland, SISSA, Trieste february 2012;
   workshop modern trends in algebraic quantum field theory, Pavia september 2011;
   11th Hellenic workshop on elementary particles physics and gravity, Corfou september 2011;
   workshop harmonic analysis, quantization and noncommutative geometry, Scalea september 2011.

Is time necessary flowing ?
mathematical, physical and conceptual aspects of quantum gravity, APC Paris, march 2011.

Noether symmetry on noncommutative spacetime,
   workshop on quantum groups and physics, Caen september 2010.

The metric aspect of noncommutative geometry, EINSTEIN at SISSA,
Trieste july 2010.

The harmonic oscillator as a quantum standard meter,
   workshop quantum gravity, Roma may 2010.

Geometrical modular action for disjoint intervals and boundary conformal theory,
   workshop Noncommutativity and Physics, Bayrischzell may 2010;
   Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft Frühjarstagun, Bonn march 2010.

A view on optimal transport from noncommutative geometry,
journées franco-italienne de géométrie non-commutative, Besançon february 2011.
workshop NCG: topics in mathematics and mathematical physics, LPT Orsay november 2009.

Spectral distance in the Moyal plane,
groupes quantiques et géométrie non-commutative, CIRM  september 2010;
workshop on algebraic geometry and physics, St Jean de Monts may 2010;
Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft Frühjarstagun, Bonn march 2010,
    2nd annual of the ncg network, København october 2009.

Temperature for double-cone in 2D CFT from modular theory,
conf. in honor of J. Roberts, Vietri sul Mare september 2009;
    24th qft workshop, universität Leipzig, june 2009.

Line element in noncommutative geometry,
The Planck scale, 25th Max Born symposium, Wroclaw july 2009.

Noncommutative geometry and its application to the standard model
   Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft Frühjarstagun, München march 2009.

The standard model from the metric point of view,
   workshop noncommutative geometry, Roma october 2008;
   workshop on noncommutative geometry and quantum gravity, Lisboa september 2008;
NoMaP, Bruxelles july 2008;
   1st annual meeting of ncg network, Dublin june 2008;
   22nd qft workshop, DESY Hamburg, june 2008 [slides];
   school "new paths towards quantum gravity'', Holbaek (Denmark), may 2008.

Metric interpretation of gauge fields in noncommutative geometry,
   fourth central european seminar on particle physics and qft, Vienna november 2007

Unruh/Hawking temperature and the thermal time hypothesis
   fourth Agean summer school: black holes, Mytilene (Greece)  september 2007

Spectral distance on the circle
   workshop noncommutative manifold II, ICTP Trieste, octobre 2007;
   British Mathematical Council,  Swansea April 2007;

   workshop noncommutative spacetime geometries, Alessandria (Italy)  march 2007 [slides].

Algebraic structure of renormalization,
   ERG 06, Lefkada (Greece) septembre 2006 [slides]

Is life a thermal horizon ?
   DICE 06, Piombino (Italy) septembre 2006.

Distance in noncommutative geometry,
   workshop Noncommutative Geometry, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge septembre 2006
[slides, talk];
   workshop phenomenology of Planck scale physics, Roma  june 2006.

Thermal time hypothesis: overview and application,
   NEB XII: recent developments in gravity, Nafplio (Greece)  june 2006;
   loops 05, Potsdam, octobre 2005 [slides, talk]

Smoother than a circle: a metric interpretation of gauge field from noncommutative geometry
   meeting on differential geometry and its application, Deva (Roumania) septembre 2005;
   XIVth Oporto meeting on physics, geometry and topology, Porto july 2005;
   international conference on high energy and mathematical physics, Marrakech april 2005.

On time interpetation of Von Neumann algebra automorphisms,

   workshop noncommutative manifold, ICTP Trieste, octobre 2004.

What kind of noncommutative geometry for quantum gravity ?
   workshop noncommutative geometry and quantum gravity, universidade Lusofona, Lisboa july 2004;
   40th winter school of theoretical physics, Ladek Zdroj (Poland) february 2004.

A physical introduction to the Dirac operator,
   workshop geometry in Lisbon, IST january 2004.

La distance en géométrie non commutative et le champ de Higgs,
   GDR 2001, Marseille;
Rencontres avec les jeunes chercheurs, Aussois decembre 2000.    

Invited talks:

On twisting real spectral triples,
département de mathématiques, université de Lille, janvier 2016.  
  SISSA, Trieste october 2015.

Twisted spectral triple for the standard model, and beyond,
   LPT Paris-sud Orsay, july 2015;
   APC Paris-Diderot, july 2015;
   CPT Aix-Marseille Université, june 2015;
   séminaire de physique mathématique Paris-Diderot, june 2015;
   Institut Camille Jordan, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, april 2015;
   Institut de mathématique de Jussieu, Paris april 2015;
   Labo. phys. subatomique et cosmologie, université J. Fourier, Grenoble april 2015;
   Labo. phys. théorique et mathématique, université de Tours april 2015,
   AEI Max  Planck Institute for Gravitation, Golm march 2015;
   SISSA Trieste october 2014.

Spectral geometry with a cut-off,
University of Nijmegen decembre 2013;
   Université de Louvain-la-Neuve decembre 2013.

Higgs mass in noncommutative geometry,
LAPTh Annecy, march 2014;
Université de Louvain-la-Neuve decembre 2013;
  LPT Orsay, Paris-sud octobre 2013;
  centre de physique théorique, Marseille octobre 2013.

Géométrie non-commutative et distance de Monge-Kantorovich: l'exemple du plan de Moyal,
   département de mathématiques, université d'Angers, april 2013;
   C*-académie, université d'Orléans, march 2013;
   institut Camille Jordan, february 2013;
départment de mathématiques, université de Lorraine, february 2013; 
   Institut für Mathematik
Göttingen, november 2012;
   institut de mathémati
ques de Jussieu, november 2012;
   LPT Orsay, november 2012.

The metric aspect of noncommutative geometry: from the Monge problem to the Higgs field,
   Università di Napoli "Federico II", february 2013.

On Pythagoras theorem in noncommutative geometry,
   LATP, Marseille, april  2012;
département de mathématiques de Besançon, march 2012.

Minimal length in quantum spacetime & integration of the line element in noncommutative geometry,
   DESY, Hamburg, may 2012;
   centre de physique théorique, Marseille Luminy,
march 2012;

   SISSA, Trieste, november 2011;
   département de mathématiques, université de Metz, march 2011.

Distances en géométrie non-commutative: du transport optimal au plan de Moyal en passant par la géométrie sous-riemanienne,
   institut Camille Jordan, Lyon may 2011;
   département de mathématiques, université de Bourgogne, Dijon april 2011.

Von Neumann algebra in physics by examples,
   séminaire de logique, LIPN Paris-nord,  march 2011.

Spectral distance in the Moyal plane,
   Born-Hilbert seminar, universität Göttingen, april 2010.

Action géométrique du groupe modulaire associé à des intervalles disjoints en théorie conforme des champs avec bord,

   équipe CALIN, LIPN Paris-nord février 2011;
CPT Marseille, october 2010;
Institut Camille Jordan, Lyon april 2010;
LPT Orsay, march 2010;
département de mathématiques, université de Metz march 2010.

L’hypothèse du temps thermodynamique,
   REHSEIS, Université Denis Diderot & ENS, Paris february 2010.
L’aspect métrique de la géométrie non-commutative,
   équipe CALIN, LIPN Paris-nord février 2011;
   département de mathématiques de Besançon, march 2010;
   laboratoire de mathématiques, Clermont-Ferrand february 2010.

Noncommutative space and time,
   LPT Orsay, april 2009.

Géométrie non-commutative et l'aspect métrique du modèle standard,
    LMPT université de Tours, mars 2009.

Distances en géométrie non-commutative,
institut de mathématiques de Jussieu, Paris january 2009;
    département de mathématiques, Mulhouse january 2009.

The standard model from the metric point of view,

    Born-Hilbert seminar, Georg-august universität Göttingen, march 2008.

L’élément de longeur en géométrie non-commutative,
département de mathématiques, Mulhouse april 2008;
     section de mathématiques, université de Genève april 2008.

Essai pour une analyse de Noether sur espaces non-commutatifs,
LMPT université Tours, novembre 2008;
     laboratoire de physique théorique, université Paris-Orsay december 2007.

Algebraic Birkhoff decomposition for the continuous renormalization group,
équipe CALIN, LIPN Paris-nord février 2011;
     Max Planck Institut für Mathematik, Bonn, july 2007 [slides];
     université Mohammed 1, Oujda february 2004.

Distance spectrale sur le cercle,
    département de mathématiques, université Metz, february 2007;
     IML Marseille january 2007.

Is life a thermal horizon ? 
LMPT université Tours, january 2007,
     school of mathematical sciences, university of Nottingham
december 2006.

Distance de Carnot-Carathéodory et fluctuation de la métrique en géométrie non commutative,
mathematics department of various universities: Toulouse, Rennes, Metz april 2006;
     Marseille may 2005; Lyon april 2005; Caen march 2005.

Unruh effect for bounded trajectories and the thermal time hypothesis,
LAPTH, Annecy january 2005.
     Perimeter Institute, Waterloo octobre 2003.

Distance in noncommutative geometry,
universidade Lusofona, Lisbon decembre 2003;
     SISSA, Trieste march 2002.

Neutrinos massifs et modèle standard en géométrie non commutative,
      institut des sciences nucléaires, Grenoble march 2001.

Working group:

The metric aspect of noncommutative geometry: from Monge-Kantorovich problem to the Higgs field,
Napoli novembre 2012.

The metric aspect of noncommutative geometry,
Roma decembre 2010.

Attempt on a physical interpretation of the modular group for the double cone
Göttingen  january 2008.

Géométrie sous-riemannienne, géométrie non-commutative,

     IML Marseille, march 2005.

La géométrie non commutative pour les nuls,

     rendez-vous des thésards, CPT Marseille, novembre 2004.

Hopf algebras and renormalization,
     IST Lisbon, june 2004.

Introduction to noncommutative geometry and its application to physics,
      IST Lisbon, april 2003.

Other interventions in CPT (rendez-vous des thésards, relativity lunch, NCG working group).

Attended schools and workshop

  • LQP 33, Göttingen decembre 2013.
  • Noncommutative geometry and particle physics, Leiden octobre 2013.
  • Incontri di geometria noncommutativa, Napoli september 2012.
  • 10th geometry and physics conference "Quantum Geometry", Anogia august 2012.
  • Mathematical aspects of qft and statistical mechanics, Hamburg july 2012.
  • Indam meeting: NCG, index theory and applications, Cortona june 2012.
  • Noncommutativity and physics: spacetime quantum geometry, Bayrischzell may 2012.
  • GDR AFHA, Metz october 2010.
  • Opening conference "Seminal Interactions between Mathematics and Physics", Roma september 2010.
  • Geometry and physics 8, Scalea september 2010.
  • Structures algébriques et combinatoires en théorie quantique des champs, Cargèse march 2008.
  • Colloquium in the honour of M. Dubois-Violette, Orsay april 2008.
  • Foundations and Constructive Aspects of QFT, Göttingen january 2008.
  • Colloquium on the occasion of Klaus Fredenhagen's sixtieth birthday, Hamburg december 2007.
  • 1st French-Italian Meeting on Noncommutative Geometry,  Roma november 2007.
  • From Quantum to Emergent Gravity: theory and phenomenology, Sissa Trieste, june 2007.
  • Conference on  combinatorics and physics,  MPIM Bonn, march 2007.
  • Winter school "The violent universe", Les Houches, march 2007.
  • Saas Fee Winter school  "The origin of  the galaxy and the local group", Murren, march 2007.
  • Workshop "Trends in noncommutative geometry", Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, december 2006.
  • Workshop "Field theories: periods and polylogarithm", IHES Paris, june 2006.
  • Summer school of biophysics,  IBDM Luminy, septembre 2004.
  • Non perturbative quantum gravity, CIRM Luminy, may 2004.
  • Noncommutative geometry in mathematics and physics, CIRM Luminy, february 2004.
  • Rencontres de physique du solide, Oujda february 2003.
  • Ecole de cosmologie de Luminy, CPT Marseille, septembre 2002, octobre 2004.
  • Rencontres franco-marocaines de géométrie non commutative, CIRM Luminy, decembre 2001.
  • Quantum field theory, noncommutative geometry and quantum probability, SISSA Trieste, march 2001.
  • Brane new world and noncommutative geometry, Villa Gualino, Torino, octobre 2000.
  • Summer school on noncommutatibe geometry, Martina-Franca september 2000.
  • 9th Marcel Grossman meeting, Roma july 2000.
  • Relativistic cosmology, theory and observations, Villa Olmo, Como,  may 2000.
  • Noncommutative geometry and Hopf algebra, Villa Gualino, Torino septembre 1999.